Apple Watch 6 vs Apple Watch SE…What’s the difference?

In keeping with my site mission to get straight to the point, I’ve copied in the “vs” page spec's straight from Apple’s website. If you watched the keynote you’ve likely got this down already, but it looks like it pretty much boils down to no ECG and no spO2 sensors on the SE version. Will… Continue reading Apple Watch 6 vs Apple Watch SE…What’s the difference?

Updated: Where to Get Apple Discounts

Bonus: Apple Deal of the Day at Bottom of Page TLDR; Amazon, B&H, Target, Ever since Amazon became an Apple authorized reseller, I’ve seen some of the best discounts coming from them. The benefits of buying from Apple authorized resellers can’t be understated (subject of future post). As you can imagine, they must buy… Continue reading Updated: Where to Get Apple Discounts