mcvtech Latest Deals Page!

aka Random Deals page update 6/8/21; this page has been seriously neglected…I promise an update is on the way! This is a good deal on Apple Watch Series 6 Sport, lowest price yet…Apple Watch 6 Sport on Amazon Wyze Band fitness band with alexa, now back in stock for $24.99 Airpods; cheaper than at the… Continue reading mcvtech Latest Deals Page!

Apple Card and Balance Transfer – Be Advised

TLDR; Nope. So, Apple Card...super easy to get approved for and it’s great to get cash back fast (as in usually posts within about a day or two to your Apple Cash card in the wallet) Those are the main...mmm, maybe only benefits. Depending on your credit score there will be an apr of something… Continue reading Apple Card and Balance Transfer – Be Advised

How to Save Browsing Sessions on Mac and PC

TLDR; Extension for Chrome and Microsoft Edge: Session Buddy Session Buddy is an extension for Chrome; and since the Microsoft Edge (Chromium based) is now in beta for Mac (and PC) you can use it on both macOS and Windows. If you haven't tried Edge beta, I'd give a try, personally I see advantages over… Continue reading How to Save Browsing Sessions on Mac and PC

Updated: Where to Get Apple Discounts

Bonus: Apple Deal of the Day at Bottom of Page TLDR; Amazon, B&H, Target, Ever since Amazon became an Apple authorized reseller, I’ve seen some of the best discounts coming from them. The benefits of buying from Apple authorized resellers can’t be understated (subject of future post). As you can imagine, they must buy… Continue reading Updated: Where to Get Apple Discounts

How to get TextEdit to open new document, not iCloud Drive folder

Ok, so pretty basic here, but just wanted TextEdit to open a new document instead of directing me to the iCloud Drive folder (like it used to before). These are the steps (see screenshot): Apple Menu > System Preferences > iCloud > iCloud Drive Options button uncheck TextEdit.Quit TextEdit.Open TextEdit, Voila! Now it should just… Continue reading How to get TextEdit to open new document, not iCloud Drive folder