Apple Card and Balance Transfer – Be Advised

TLDR; Nope. So, Apple Card...super easy to get approved for and it’s great to get cash back fast (as in usually posts within about a day or two to your Apple Cash card in the wallet) Those are the main...mmm, maybe only benefits. Depending on your credit score there will be an apr of something… Continue reading Apple Card and Balance Transfer – Be Advised

Foreceipt…Personal Bookkeeper in Your Pocket

TLDR; Best non-automated finance tracking app: Foreceipt. It’s just $.99 a month and worth every penny. Your welcome. Some years ago, I set out to find the best finance tracking app for my needs. Open App Store, search finance. Done. Right? No doubt like many have already discovered, it’s a bit confusing and time consuming.… Continue reading Foreceipt…Personal Bookkeeper in Your Pocket